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Recommended Printers

Virtual Labels can be used with any ink-jet or color laser printer that works with your PC.

We have successfully tested our blank labels with a variety of printers. But you should test the printer you plan to use by printing some sample labels.

NOTE: On Color Laser printers, partially used label sheets, with a few labels remaining, can NOT be run through the printer a second time. Laser printers are very hot internally and any adhesive residue remaining where a label has been peeled off will gum up the paper path. By contrast, Ink-jet printers do not have this problem because they run cool.

Ricoh G500 GelSprinter Ricoh G500 GelSprinter

The Ricoh Aficio G700 GelSprinter - is perfect for printing color strip labels, with unique features that are important for long-term retention and management of file folder records:

  • Archival Gel Ink is optimal for color-coded labels:
    • resistant to fading for long-term color and barcode stability and readability
    • more viscous and dries faster than the water-based ink used in most ink-jets, reducing smears and providing bright colors
    • 4 separate ink cartridges are more economical than most ink-jet printers - just replace the single color cartridge that runs out
  • Sturdy construction - steel parts in the paper tray and throughout the printer - stronger than just plastic
  • Attractive appearance and easy setup
  • Call Center support directly from Ricoh nationwide
See the Ricoh web site for details


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